Business Text Messaging Your Customers and Staff Will Thank You For

SnapDsk is the only QuickBooks Online integrated, two-way, collaborative, conversational business text messaging app focused on meaningful customer conversations. 

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Have Real Conversations With Customers in a Two-Way Business Text Messaging App

It doesn’t feel human when a business “talks at you” with one-way shortcode text messages.

Your customers want to text your business and still feel like they’re having a conversation.

Use SnapDsk to talk to your customers using the channel they use most frequently.

  • Use a real 10-digit phone number right out of the box.
  • No 5 or 6-digit shortcodes.
  • Connect with customers real-time on any device.
  • Have private conversations or send group texts.
  • Text and manage customers real-time on any device.

Take Control of Your Customer Data

We’re gonna guess that you probably keep track of all your extra customer info in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, right?

No shame (you’re not the only one) but, we built a better way.

Centralize, update, sync and manage all of your customer data digitally, in one app.

  • Enhance your customer database management.
  • Sync all customer data real-time on any device.
  • Add unlimited custom fields.
  • Create unlimited custom groups
  • Store customer data that’s unique to your business.

Talking business with customers feels less like business when you’re on a first-name basis.

SnapDsk lets you personalize all of your text messages and text message templates.

We help you to delight your customers using personalized business text messaging tags.

  • Create text message templates.
  • Add personalized messaging tags like {{First_Name} and {{Last_Name}} to any message or template.
  • Make automated text messages and text message blasts feel more human.
  • Customer replies start a private text message thread.

Real-Time, Robust QuickBooks Online Integrations

Everyone and their mother uses Intuits QuickBooks Online or some other small business accounting solution.

The problem is that it’s hard to access and update that customer and financial info from the field.

  • SnapDsk’s QuickBooks Online Integration gives you real-time access to all your customer info.
  • Sync all customer data and invoices both ways between SnapDsk and QBO.
  • Edit info in SnapDsk or QBO and it gets updated, real-time, on all devices.

Manage Daily Tasks, Not Sticky Notes

Everyone uses sticky notes to remember things. We don’t judge, but… we built a better for you to manage your todos and tasks.

To get the most out of your small business operations you need a digital daily task manager, so we built one for you directly inside of SnapDsk.

Use SnapDsk as your daily task manager to:

  • Remind yourself and employees of important daily tasks.
  • Create simple todos for employees and customers.
  • Set due dates for time-sensitive tasks.
  • Reschedule things that happen all the time with recurring events.

Get Your Team Accessing Important Business Documents from Anywhere

Save time and tress with paperless document storage. With SnapDsk you can start storing your company documents and PDFs digitally.

Centralize your storage and everyone at your company will know where to look for documents like estimate forms, pricing tables, and schedules.

SnapDsk’s cloud-based document management allows you to:

  • Access documents from any device.
  • Attach documents to individual customers.
  • Import and store documents for use company-wide.
  • Print all documents directly from SnapDsk.

A lot of business text messaging apps say they integrate with QuickBooks Online.

SnapDsk is the only QuickBooks Online integrated business text messaging app available on the Intuit App Store.

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Forget About Forgetting.

Send Reminder Texts to Your Customers

Your customers already love convenience when it comes to scheduling and appointments.

60% of your customers have received reminder texts for scheduling and appointments from another business.

Send reminder texts and more from SnapDsk:

  • Text appointment reminders. 
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Send text alerts and notifications. 
  • Text payment reminders. 
  • Send marketing and sales promotions.

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Sign in and use SnapDsk on any device with a web browser.

Send texts, manage tasks and update customer info real-time, from any device.

  • Great Features. Easy to navigate.

    Clean design. Straight forward. A great to quickly access the info you need. A savvy tool to have in your business tool box.
  • What a Terrific App with Tremendous Potential

    This app is teriffic, and the CSV download capabilities makes it a 5 star. All the other CRM software push features we all do not need or want. The cost for this software makes it a tremendous value.
    Fred T.
  • For small companies that would struggle to implement an enterprise level master-data-management system for customer data, this is a great alternative. Customer data all in one place; accessible, manageable, searchable, and Sync'ed with QuickBooks. Very helpful.
  • I’m a CPA and I downloaded this to see how it worked. Anyone with multiple clients should use this. It’s extremely easy to use and works very well. I’ll be recommending this to my clients.
    Christopher D.
  • Information at my fingertips, regardless of where I am at, is exceptional! The special feature of being able to assign tasks from any location is something that will eliminate a lot of frustration and improve time management...
    Beverly S.

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