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Co-Founder, CPA

Clint has spent a large portion of his professional life managing teams in IT Consulting, the Army, as a CPA and in his family's small business. He contributes his years of management experience to guide the SnapDsk team.



Cory is a Co-Founder and Developer at SnapDsk. He uses his background in small business and economic theory to build and project data models for use in real-world analytics tools.


Dir. of Technology, M.Sc.

Jason builds small business intelligence applications and helps SnapDsk develop new Software as a Service (SaaS) products. He works in the DevOps pipeline and couples his efforts with small business data science.


Director of Marketing

Kyle directs SnapDsk's inbound digital marketing strategy. He writes compelling content, develops campaigns, manages PPC, engages on social media and manages all marketing automation and CRM functions.

Our Story

The inspiration and know-how behind SnapDsk began with our Grandmother. She was a savvy business-woman who founded a housekeeping company in 1989 and it’s still going strong today. She understood how to make money and get the job done.

We now work from the perspective that if she couldn’t intuitively use and see value in an app, then it wasn’t worth using.

SnapDsk is designed to meet the needs of small business owners, like our grandmother.

How we work

We’re big advocates of agile development

Using a Lean Startup methodology we’ve built a dynamic architecture that enables us to roll out personalized functionality and seamlessly integrate new components. If someone needs something special for their business, chances are we can build it for them.

We know small business and we appreciate its needs. Our formula for success involves listening to problems and solving them for our clients in the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

It's been incredibly fun and rewarding to see the Lean Startup methodology come to life right in front of us as we've incrementally released SnapDsk.

SnapDsk's architecture

Here's how it's built

SnapDsk is built on a proprietary platform designed to host custom solutions for small business clients.

A fully compiled, Vue.js client gives SnapDsk users a high-performance experience, while our Laravel API provides us with the reliability of a mature framework. Web socket technology allows SnapDsk to push real-time updates to all users anywhere on any device.

Packed with a base-set of critical features built on our own small business experience, we've positioned ourselves to scale to any of our client's needs.

The ecosystem

We believe that nature's decentralized systems work well in economics, business, and tech.

The app development community is a decentralized and incredibly exciting ecosystem. It's not only the best way to identify and solve small business problems but it also gives developers a platform to revolutionize from.

This efficient and democratizing approach empowers app developers like us to help the local independent entrepreneurs who drive our economy.

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