Frequently Asked Questions

SnapDsk is a single page complied application intended for small business operations. SnapDsk is an app built by small business for small business. SnapDsk syncs directly with QuickBooks Online, allowing you to text, save, search and track your customer information from anywhere.

SnapDsk works by syncing with QuickBooks Online. SnapDsk uses the QuickBooks Online API and Webhooks to create a bidirectional data sync. This allows you to search and update info from anywhere at any time. Once your QuickBooks Online data syncs, SnapDsk uses that information to populate other modules like scheduling with your customer info.

SnapDsk does the following:

  • Text customers and staff in-app.
  • Save special information with custom fields.
  • Search customer info from anywhere.
  • Sync all customer info with QuickBooks Online.
  • Track and manage employee tasks.

Do you already have a QuickBooks Online account? If so, just login with your Intuit account and start your FREE 30 day trial today! For more details, check us out here in the Intuit App Store

We’ve setup an easy store within the App where you can buy blocks of text messages. They never expire and unused text messages will roll over to the next month. Here are the rates:

1,500 msgs $19.99
3,000 msgs $34.95
5,000 msgs $49.99
7,500 msgs $67.95
10,000 msgs $89.99

If you need more than that, give us a call! We’ll be happy to create a custom plan for you : )

Yes, you can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

If you use your Intuit account to login, SnapDsk updates your profile to reflect the latest information from your Intuit account. If you need to make an update, login to your Intuit account and make the change there, it will then be updated in your SnapDsk profile.

Chrome is the best, Firefox and Safari are good as well. You can download them all for free to your computer, phone, or tablet!

No, you can have your employee’s login to SnapDsk without an Intuit account. However, SnapDsk is optimized to run with QuickBooks Online and we highly recommend that all Business Owners, Managers, and Admin use the Intuit Single Sign-On to access SnapDsk and QuickBooks together.

Adding a user is easy, simply send the person an invitation to your company. The Users page can be accessed at any time from the User card on the Dashboard.

From the Current Users page, tap the plus (+) sign in the top right corner to send a new invitation. When you invite the new user to join SnapDsk they will receive an email. Once they accept the invitation in the email, they will get access to your customer data.

You can find your SnapDsk SMS Text Number listed in the drop-down under settings, then account. Here you’ll find your SnapDsk number listed under your company information as well as your current payment method and SnapDsk subscription level.

Anyone with an Intuit userID and password can login to SnapDsk but until you’re invited by the QuickBooks Admin User, you won’t be able to view any customer information.

It may take anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes for invitation emails to be sent to new users being setup by the Admin user. If after 5 minutes the invitation email has not been received then re-send the invitation. Microsoft email accounts (i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, etc.) have a particular issue at this time and may need to be re-sent.

Yes, but the customer can no longer be updated in QuickBooks from SnapDsk.

This is unlikely but, in that case, SnapDsk will select the most recent update, either from SnapDsk or QuickBooks, and sync that information to the older update.

If the “Same as billing address” option is selected in SnapDsk, the QuickBooks check box will not reflect this, but the data will be correct.

The logo “n” in SnapDsk is actually the lower-case Greek letter eta. In economics eta is used to represent elasticity which is the measurement of how responsive one variable is to a change in another. As SnapDsk evolves, it’s ability to help our users with eta will evolve as well… Stay Tuned!

It was last seen somewhere below the 34th Parallel South attempting to break the world speed record for circumnavigation of the Earth.

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