Simple, Easy and Effective Tools for Small Business

Conversational Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging gets frustrating when you can't text a business back. Imagine all the missed questions, comments, feedback, and sales inquiries. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Customers could already be trying to text you.

Your customers want to text you because they want more convenience. We're talking texts direct to their iPhone or Android. With SnapDsk, there's no need for your customers to install a special messaging app.

  • Select your own Areacode-specific business SMS number.
  • Text from a local number so customers know you're not a bot.
  • All texts come from a 10-digit phone number - no shortcodes.
  • Customer responses archive as two-way private conversations.
  • Create single text threads or save and send messages to whole customer groups.
  • Save your favorite messages as text message templates for quick sends and fast replies.
  • Multiple employees can view, track, and respond to any text thread allowing for rapid and consistent customer service.

Add Unlimited Custom Fields

You've got a lot of penciled in customer info that doesn't fit anywhere.

If you use QuickBooks Online, there's a limit to how many custom fields you can add to customers, sales forms and invoices.

We've added unlimited custom fields inside of SnapDsk to solve this problem. You can now keep track of all of the extra customer info that you and your employees use on a daily basis.

  • Add unlimited custom fields inside of SnapDsk.
  • Store any type of specialized customer information.
  • Use open text fields or closed dropdown.
  • Gain fast and easy access to all specialty information.
  • No specialty coding required.

Unlimited custom fields give you the flexibility to add operational information to all customer profiles. Having greater control over custom fields keeps your data clean, consistent and actionable.

Manage Contacts and Customer Data With the Best Digital Rolodex App for Small Business

If everything works out, some contacts actually become customers. When they do you'll want to sync their contact information with your existing customer information in QuickBooks Online.

To solve these problems, we built a dynamic and intuitive natural language search feature that works.

  • SnapDsk organizes your QuickBooks Online customers.
  • Search on any field and all customer information.
  • You get the best digital rolodex for small business.
  • Use two-way sync to create, add, edit and update all of your QuickBooks Online customer data real-time.
  • Sync and gain access to your Quickbooks Online customer data from any device.
  • View all open invoices, tasks, and todo's for any customer.

QuickBooks Online Integrations

You've got your customer and financial data inside QuickBooks Online. How do you get it out?

You need 24/7 access to customer info from any device. Sync SnapDsk with QuickBooks Online and turn your customer info into the best digital rolodex for small business.

  • Sync existing QBO customers into SnapDsk real-time.
  • Edit and create customers in SnapDsk.
  • Sync all data to QuickBooks Online instantly.
  • Field-by-field comparison maintains time-stamps on all customer data updates.

SnapDsk's QuickBooks Online integrations work right out of the box. SnapDsk is even available on the Intuit App Store. You can log in to SnapDsk directly from your QuickBooks Online account or use your QuickBooks Online login to log in to SnapDsk.

Daily Task Manager

No. More. Sticky Notes. Your Business Needs a Daily Task Manager

Since many task management apps are unnecessarily bulky, we trimmed the fat out of ours. SnapDsk's built-in, simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, daily task scheduler gives you all the task management functionality your small business needs.

Save yourself from having to send ANOTHER email. There's a better way to remind people on your team.

  • Get a clear view of what needs doing this week and who's going to do it.
  • Create and assign simple todo tasks to employees and customers.
  • Write reminder notes for yourself and everyone in your company.
  • Get notified once a task is complete.
  • See all completed tasks and maintain oversight.
  • Getting stuff done makes everyone feel good. SnapDsk gives you and your team the paired back simplicity to make it happen.

Small Business Document Management

A heavy file cabinet full of old paper documents is not a business document management solution. Paper documents may be a necessity for some legal and government documents but let's get real.

Your company could benefit from having a cloud-based digital document management system.

SnapDsk's simple document management features allow you to centralize access to all of your company's frequently used documents.

  • Upload PDFs directly to SnapDsk.
  • Search, filter and view all company documents.
  • Add multiple documents to a print queue.
  • Print single documents.

Tracking customer information also means customer document management. Customers may have various documents like pricing schedules, contracts, quotes and invoices associated with their account.

  • Attach documents directly to customer profiles in SnapDsk.
  • Search, filter, and view all customer documents.
  • Add multiple documents to a print queue.
  • Print customer documents directly from SnapDsk.